Dayan TengYun M


The video recorded below was taken after unboxing. The puzzle’s surface was all covered in lubricant when I unboxed it, so my hands were all covered in it throughout the recording. Despite initially wiping the lubricant off the puzzle’s surface prior to taking the video, lube still continued to ooze out while I was turning it.


I won’t say more about the issue with lubing then. Anyways the puzzle feels great overall, and this is coming from a veteran cuber that has been cubing for more than 10 years. What an opportunity this is, to once again see the strength of DaYan 3x3s even amidst the era of so many flagship cubes. (To be honest, I ordered it the moment it went up for sale)


I’m the kind of person that gets easily affected by the colour shades of a puzzle. Hence, I would always use black-based puzzles whether in competition or during serious practice sessions (not really) at home. I never imagined that these stickerless shades would enable me to get a sub 12 average so easily, mind = blown.


One thing that’s worth mentioning is how quiet the puzzle is. It is also very comfortable to turn, I’m not entirely sure if it’s due to the stock lube. But if it is, then DaYan’s lubes may have future potential.


Aside from that, SpeedCubeShop’s official Instagram account did bring up the issue of weird lockups that the DaYan TengYun has. I thought perhaps SCS was just deliberately mocking the puzzle at the time. Hence when I was solving, I tried to abruptly turn with extra force at random, but there wasn’t much of a problem aside from a few minor lockups (but this is pretty normal for cubes out of the box, isn’t it?)

(Source: @speedcubeshopofficial)


I honestly feel that the magnets used are too weak, perhaps the cube could become more stable at a higher magnet strength? Then again, maybe it’s because of my turning style, I’m not sure if there’s any way to increase magnet strength.


Lastly, please just watch this video, and please forgive my old, rusty fingertricks.


If there are any enquiries regarding the DaYan TengYun M, I’ll reply when I have the time. As I had nothing else better to do than to buy a whole bunch of 3x3s, feel free to ask any questions about other 3x3s too, I’ll reply when I’m free like I said before.


If anyone is interested in this new version of the DaYan 3x3, you can check out JPearly (Malaysia) or Maru (Taiwan) to make your purchase! Links to buy the DaYan TengYun M are as follows:

JPearly (Malaysia)

You may use code "JUNWENWANG" for a discount on your order from (Discounted item excluded)

小丸號方塊屋 (Taiwan)

English Translation: William Gan

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